Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Marathon

As has become my way to celebrate any and all holidays I cranked up my DVD player on Valentines Day and started watching Valentine's themed shows:

Hey look! Conan O'Brien was the producer on this one! I think that means you have a thin mustache and you talk with a cigar in your mouth... as opposed to a director, for that you need a beard and a talk into a megaphone.

This is the one where Ralph gets a Valentine from Lisa and misinterprets her intentions. I love it because it has lots of Ralph in it. Most of the show actually has to do with Presidents Day so I will probably watch it again this Monday.

I watched this "classic" cartoon. By classic I mean old and public domain.

Animated W.C. Fields in the hizzouzze!

I watched a Punky Brewster show. She gets a kiss from a boy on Valentines Day and then blackens his eye.

She then dreams she grows old alone. Henry is 140 in the dream sequence. The dog grows a bear and wears glasses because he is old. Yep.

Pink Panther graced my TV in an 80s special called Pink at First Sight.

We also saw a sexy lady panther.

I watched a King of Queens episode. Oddly it was before Gary Valentine was a cast member.
 Alf! Alf Alf Alf, Alf Alf Alf. (sing to the tune of the Rocky theme.)
I also watched two Charlie Brown specials. I may have just watched one twice. It's hard to tell.