Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giant Gonzalez

Go ahead... drink that in.

That tall drink of water in the bigfoot costume was a professional wrestler in the WWF in 1993. That tall drink of water started out as a basketball player, but when he wasn't able to make the NBA he made it to the ring. (I like the expression "tall drink of water" plus I am thirsty right now.)

He is also the only asterisk in The Undertaker's "Wrestlemania Streak". Yes, in the pantheon of fake matches that The Undertaker has had at Wrestlemania he has been selected to win all of them in a decisive fashion- except when he fought this dude.

Here he is in the later modification of his costume:
 Yep. Look at that lady standing next to his furry area. Now look away! Quick!


Guy Hutchinson
Guy Hutchinson