Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Atari Jukeboxes

Did you know Atari once made jukeboxes? I did, but in order to make this post sound more compelling I am going to pretend I didn't.

Who would have though Atari would make JUKEBOXES?!?!?!  Who would think the company famous for Pong and Combat would have made JUKEBOXES?!?!?!  Who would have thought it was spelled JUKEBOXES and not JUTEBOXES?!?!?! Who knows if there should be a space between "juke" and "boxes"?!?!?! I certainly don't!

Anyway, I found this picture on eBay:

I love it! The design makes it look like an Oingo Boingo album cover... or the opening credits to Spider-man 2.

But, what is the deal with the insert shots?

 What is going on here? Is this couple propositioning Avril Lavigne?
 What are these dudes doing? Are they fighting? Over the blonde or the old lady? Take the old lady guys, they cook better and are lower maintenance.
 What is this? I think they are saying grace. How does this have anything to do with jukeboxes?

Why not show people doing their taxes or flossing while you are at it?

Here, I updated it. Note my fine photoshop skills:

Oh well.

Here are some other jukes they made:

Notice that is from Atari Europe. You can tell because it says so at the bottom... and because the French lady is trying to boink the machine.
This one looked like some kind of Star Wars intercom. This is probably from Europe too because she's pointing with her pinky. Silly French chicks.

On the other hand, this hunk-o-lumber must be from the good old USA.

Sorry if my jingoistic xenophobia has brought you down. To cheer you up, here is a monkey with a soldering iron:


  1. I won't lie. I spent 20 minutes staring at that monkey trying to think of a funny comment. I don't think it can be done. That thing is already perfect.

  2. It's my caller ID on my iphone for everyone.

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