Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Death Clock

Remember the movie Final Destination? Not "THE Final Destination", that came out in 2008.

Do you remember the movie Final Destination from 2000?

I put the DVD in yesterday.
 One of the bonus features was a "death clock":

Now, I wasn't sure how scientific it would be. But I gave it a whirl.

It asked me if I exercise, smoke and if I have a history of disease.

That was it? It didn't need to know how old I am? What city I live in? If I am male or female? Am a currently eating rat poison?

It could happen!

Well, lets see when I will die...

Dammit! I have to get up early to die?

The funniest thing about this is that no matter what info you put in it seems to kill you around 2020.

That was 20 years off when the DVD came out. This means in about 10 years it will be saying you will die in the past.


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