Friday, September 23, 2005

The town of Surprise

Hidden in the state of Nebraska lies Surprise! A little town that is named surprise.


Surprise is part of Butler County. An early Butler settler was a man named George Miller. George built a dam and was able to power his mill just using the power of the stream.

George found this result Surprising, and decided that he would name the area "Unexpected."

The next day he changed it to "Surprise."

In the 2004 film The Butterfly Effect Eric Stoltz plays a man named George Miller.

I have never seen the movie, but I bet it is about George and his dam. They probably gave him a best friend that's a talking butterfly (with the voice of Ashton Kutcher) hence the title. Stupid Hollywood.

As time went on, Surprise became a desirable place to set up shop. Many businesses decided to come because of the proximity to the railroad. Others came because they heard there were leprechauns there. Still others came because they had got drunk and told someone that there were leprechauns there and they wanted to see if that person REALLY went there looking for leprechauns.

I read on the internet that Surprise no longer receives postal service since the population has dipped below fifty.

There are less than fifty people there.

I have an apartment near mine that has about 50 guys living in it. It only has one bedroom. Most of them bus tables at the local diner.

I bet they could take on the entire town of Surprise in a fight.

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