Friday, September 23, 2005

"Surprise" on eBay

eBay is pretty much the first place when I look to find ANYTHING!

If I need a new cell phone, eBay!

A new couch? eBay!!

If I can't find my car keys? eBay!!!

If I want a mail order bride from Russia, by Monday, WITHOUT a mustache? eBay!!!!

Today I just stuck the word "surprise" into the eBay search engine. Here is what I found:

Unique workmans LUNCH BOX pail -surprise inside- STURDY

Oh man I am excited about this one! A surprise inside!!! What could it be???

I hope it's his severed head. Or maybe a nude picture of Eleanor Roosevelt. Let me take a look in the description.


The surprise is that there are stickers stuck to the inside from old apples and oranges. I'll pass on this.

POSTMAN PAT - Postman Pat's Big Surprise - Video

I have never heard of him, but I guess Postman Pat is some sort of cartoon character. For just $0.99 you get 5 episodes. Of course that price is in England money, so that could be worth $75 here. Or maybe an amount so low that it couldn't exist in the U.S.

Either way, it would be worth the currency exchange just to discover Postman Pat's surprise.

I bet it either:

A) He's gay
B) He once peed in a mail slot
C) He's gay and he peed into a mail slot

Stacking Surprise Octopus

Finally, we have this little toy. Here is the eBay description:

"Offers baby four rings to stack, bold colors and patterns, a mix of tactile fabrics, as well as entertaining sound effects and music. When baby places one of the rings on the stacking base this character comes to life with a sound effect and a tune. These rings are attached with a mix of fabric extensions that offer bright bold colors and black & white for both a visual and tactile experience."

That doesn't sound so surprising! What the heck is the surprise? Maybe it contains trace amounts of lead.


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