Friday, September 23, 2005

Gerald Ford: The Surprise President

Gerald Ford was never ELECTED President.

Listen closely and you can hear a slack-jawed yokel say "har dee har, neither was Bush."

Listen even closer and you can hear some erudite professor say "amusingly, neither was Benjamin Harrison."

Well, the hell with both of them.

Ford is a much more interesting case.

Gerald Ford was Richard Nixon's VP, but he didn't run with him. Nixon's running mate was Spiro Agnew.

Despite having one of the coolest names in the history of politics, Agnew resigned his office, awash in scandal.

Nixon then left office in the (unrelated) Watergate Scandal.

Thus Ford became President without ANYONE in the country voting him into office. In fact he had only briefly been acting as Vice President.

He was probably as surprised as anyone.

Ford had been a successful politician for many years when he assumed the Presidency.

As President, Ford granted former President Nixon a full pardon. He made it his goal was to curb inflation. He also worked to sustain the economy and maintain U. S. power and prestige during the Cold War.

Ford was defeated in his bid for... uh... I guess ELECTION! The victor was Jimmy Carter.

The race is said to have had all the excitement of a Tiger/Mariners game.


Went to Yale.

Played football for the University of Michigan.

Was born in Nebraska.


Used to sign bills with the phrase "built Ford tough."

Wanted to paint the White House brick red so that it would be "easier to keep clean."

Recorded two rap albums under the name KRS-One.

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