Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mr. T in Disney Magazine

About a year and a half ago I was reading the (now defunct) Disney Magazine and I thought "This is a great magazine, too bad it suffers from a lack of Mr. T."

I went to sleep that night and awoke in the morning refreshed and with a new goal: to get Mr. T in Disney Magazine.

This turned out to be very easy. Mr. T has a small cameo in the film Inspector Gadget. Here's how I described it on in an article titled The Ten Greatest Minor Characters In Movie History:
Cool. Finally we get to the one and only Mr. T. I am excited!
At the conclusion of the otherwise mediocre 'Inspector Gadget' we got a plethora of awesome cameos. First Don Adams as the voice of Brain the dog, then we get a Minions Anonymous meeting.
This was a pretty funny concept, a group of henchmen together in an 'AA meeting' setting. One of them is dressed as Tonto, one as Tattoo, one as Odd Job etc.
Sitting in the front row is Richard Kiel, famous for his role as Eegah in the film 'Eegah'. You may also remember him as 'Jaws' from the James Bond films (or maybe he played James Bond in the 'Jaws' films) either way, he had metal teeth.
Next to Kiel is Mr. T. Mr. T is smiling and clapping along with the rest of the Minions. What makes his appearance so special (other than the fact that he is Mr. T, damn it!) is that he is not sporting his famous Mohawk (or Mandinka) haircut, nor is he wearing his trademark gold chains. No, Mr. T is sitting there with some grey hair in his beard and a sleeve-less denim jacket to show off his biceps. Mr. T looks surprisingly different in Inspector Gadget, and for that alone he makes the list.

So I wrote an email to the Disney Magazine's Dave Smith for his "Ask Dave" column. I asked if that was Mr. T in the movie. Of course I knew it was. Heck, his name is IN THE CREDITS!
Someone must have liked it because in about 45 minutes I received the answer and a note asking if I would call a voice mail number and give them permission to use the letter.
I made the call and a few months later I found the letter in the back of the magazine. Not only was the letter there, but it was accompanied by a photo!


  1. If the magazine was still around I would write back and ask if the guy that played Eegah was ever in a Disney film.

  2. Anonymous9/15/2005

    Can you really say you found it if you helped put it there? Also it seems Mr. T is getting his own reality show.

  3. I saw an article today that Mr. T will no longer be wearing his gold chains. Did you see that, Sweetie? And how do you feel about it?

  4. This reminds me of the time when I was a kid (about 9 or 10) and wrote a letter to the TV show "Kids Are People, Too" and asked them if KISS was ever going to be on. The host of the show (whose name escapes me) or one of his minions sent me back an autographed photo, saying "Watch For KISS Soon!!!" A few months later they were on. I felt very powerful.

  5. The Mr. T article you speak of was featured on the front page of USA Today yesterday.

    Mr. T actually does not wear the gold very often anymore. I've met him a bunch of times in the past few years and the only time he had the gold on was if he was in the middle of a promotional appearance (thus, the gold was part of his costume.)
    I also saw him on a Sunday once and he said he never wears gold on Sunday out of respect for God. This is the same reason he said he would stop wearing it now, only now he says he won't wear it any day of the week.

    My guess is that he will wear the gold if he is appearing on some program that requests that he do so. Otherwise he won't wear it at all.

    Mr. T is a deeply religous man and is surprisingly humble for a man who wears more gold than an Egyptian king. If by wearing less gold he is just showing off his true self today (rather than when he was in his 30's in the 1980s), than I think that is really cool.