Friday, September 23, 2005

Surprise! The movie(s)

Surprise isn't that great of a name for a movie. It doesn't really convey anything. Is it romantic? Is it scary? Who knows?

Still, in the history of film, many have chosen this name as a movie title. Let us take a look at some of them:

Surprise (1923)
This was an animated short film from the Max Fleischer cartoon studios.
Fleischer was best known for the Popeye and Superman cartoons.
I don't know what surprise was about. Maybe it was where Superman revealed himself to be Popeye. Or Popeye got a SUPRISE call from the doctor informing him that his misshapen arms were a result of poor circulation and that Popeye would likely die of a heart attack in the next few hours. Surprise!

Surprise! (1935)
A live action short, there is little information here about this one. Here is what I know:
Vivian Duncan played Vivian and 'Eva' - Perhaps the surprise was that Vivian WAS Eva!
Jay Seiler played the Eccentric dancer - I have heard of EXOTIC dancers, but 'eccentric?' What does that mean? Does he dance while washing his hands till they bleed to kill germs? Does he wear tissue boxes on his feet as he dances? Is he paying Vivian to be Eva? I wish I knew.

Jing hun ji (1956) - AKA Surprise

Surprise! (1995)
Also a short film, this is about a man who sets booby traps around the bed to kill his wife when she awakes. Then he is surprised when no one believes he should go to golf courses to try and find the real killer.

Surprise! (1996)
This comedy apparently had the tagline "Carol has made Steve a GREAT 50th surprise party! But where the hell is Steve?"
I bet Steve realized that no good has ever come from calling a movie "Surprise."
Or maybe he died of poor circulation.

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