Friday, October 01, 2004

Sweetie is the number one "hot guy" IN THE WORLD!

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Day 12 (October 12, 2004)
It recently came to my attention that IceRocket (an Internet search engine) has made me the number one result to a NEW query. What is that query? DATE.

If people are looking for a date they are sent right to me.

Woah! I better put some deodorant on!

Where will I take all of these women that will be lining up to date me?

Maybe I will take them someplace regal, a romantic place full of history and pageantry. Like a Burger King or Dairy Queen.

Or maybe a White Castle. I hear that chicks dig castles.

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Day One (October 1, 2004)
It recently came to my attention that Blogdigger (an Internet search engine) has made me the number one result to a specific query. What is that query?

The query is "hot guy."

I like writing query. It makes me feel smart. Sadly I am not the number one result for "smart guy."

Take a good look! That is the result.
#1 hot guy is ME!

#2 is a site related to the Hot Or Not website. Oddly enough, Jesus and his disciples are #3. I will not comment on that, I know what happened to the Beatles.

I do not claim to be "Hotter than Jesus."

The specific article that shows up is the one about We Got It Made, the 1980's show featuring 2 guys that live with their pretty maid. I am sure, today, many a young lass dreams of being a maid to me and some other slob.

Well, for all those looking for a hot guy, look no further.

Look at that hot guy!

Day Two (October 2, 2004)
Still hot! Unfortunately I have now lost Internet privileges at the local library due to the number of times I have typed "hot guy" into search engines.

Day Three (October 3, 2004)FINAL ENTRY
Sadly, my hotness has deteriorated. I am now the #55 'hot guy.'

It was good to be king! At least I ruled the weekend, and hey #55 in the world ain't bad.


  1. Anonymous10/04/2004

    All hail Sweetie!

  2. Anonymous10/06/2004

    I hold the title of #1 "Smart guy!" Now, where did I put it?

  3. Anonymous10/13/2004

    As the results seem to be sorted by date, your hotness seems to be temproally arbirtrary.

    But, cool!

  4. True, Anonymous, my hotness may have been determined by the abitrary nature of a search engine, but I will wear it with pride!