Friday, October 22, 2004

Johnny Grant: Ceremonial Mayor of Hollywood

Johnny Grant is the Ceremonial Mayor of Hollywood and Chairman of the Walk of Fame Selection Committee. Anytime you see a celebrity get their star on the Walk of Fame you can bet that Johnny will be there. Johnny is also on hand when the biggest stars get to put their hands in cement outside Grauman's Chinese Theater.

In 1988 The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awarded Johnny their highest honor the Los Angeles Area Governor's Award. The Governor's Award is the most important award at the Emmys. Winning it is like finding that hunk of pork fat in a can of pork & beans. Sure, the beans are great, but that pork fat (like the Governor's Award) is special.

The Governor's Award was Johnny's second Emmy. He has also received ten nominations and countless pieces of pork fat.

Grant debuted on radio in 1939. He broadcasted for a station in Goldsboro, North Carolina. He rose to fame covering Irby Holmes' murder trial. (As a side note, WHO names their kid 'Irby?’?) Grant broadcasted inside the court room, marking the first time microphones were allowed to cover a trial. So, in a way, Johnny is responsible for Kato Kaelin. (As a side note, WHO names their kid 'Kato?’?)

In 1980 Johnny was awarded his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His star occupies the prime real estate in front of the Chinese Theatre, between Zsa Zsa Gabor and Glenn Miller. Johnny's star dedication drew one of the largest crowds ever and included a special fly-over by aircraft of the Civil Air Patrol. (As a side note, WHO names their kid 'Zsa Zsa?’?)

Five minutes after the ceremony, a homeless guy fell asleep on Johnny's star. (As a side note, I wish I knew the homeless guy's name show I could make fun of it.)


  1. Awesome! I want this old man to be mayor of the WORLD!

  2. Anonymous10/22/2004

    Interesting bio!

  3. Anonymous10/22/2004

    I remember this guy! I saw him on the news when they gave Scotti from Star Trek his star last month!

  4. Interesting bio! Too bad he isn't the Honarary Prez of the US. I would pick him over either of the 2 running!

  5. LOL, Ihatesweetie. Very funny.

    LOL to you too, Sweetie especially on the Zsa Zsa joke!

  6. Yo Roses is red
    violets is blue
    I like Hollywood
    I also like peanut M&Ms

  7. I LOVE IT! Has this site gone completly Hollywood???

    Why not an article on the Hollywood sign next?

  8. Anonymous10/22/2004

    i think the homeless guy's name is ben. please make fun of him. he hit me up for a sawbuck last week.

    ANOTHER complete idiot.

  9. What the hell is this....and article on Johnnys? Well the only Johnny I ever pay attention too is "Johnny's on the spot" ...they have saved Mr.Yearly many a time...whoever invented them should have a STAR on that stinkin walk of Fame!!Ohhhhh and by the way...Who names there kid GUY?!

  10. Does Johnny Grant's wife weigh less than 300 lbs and know how to keep her mouth shut. If so, I may replace my VP with the Mayor of Hollywood. I need to sure up my base anyhow.