Thursday, October 21, 2004

The opening credits from 'Three's Company'

Three's Company was probably the greatest Joyce DeWitt sitcom ever aired in the 1970's or 1980's.
The show ran for eight years, and then a few more in a hideous mutated form entitled Three's a Crowd.

Over the eight season's Three's Company used a variety of different opening credit sequences.

The show used several shots of the beach in Santa Monica, California. Santa Monica is part of L.A. County and is located next to Beverly Hills about 15 minutes from Hollywood.
In the credit sequence, Jack was riding his bike and falls off of it when he passes a sexy brunette.
BTW, the brunette was actually Susanne Summers in a wig.
There were also shots of Janet watering plants, absentmindedly dumping water on Chrissy.
Then you see the Ropers. They had several different variations on their intro:
1. Mrs. Roper is throwing darts and hits Stanley with a rubber dart.
2. Stanley goes into the bathroom with a plunger.
3. Stanley is looking out the window with his binoculars, and gets caught by Mrs. Roper.
4. Stanley is reading in bed, until Mrs. Roper arrives. Then he pretends to be asleep.

There were four other variations that were not filmed:
1. Mrs. Roper is throwing darts and hits Stanley. He bleeds profusely.
2. Stanley goes into the bathroom with George Michael.
3. Stanley is looking out the window. Mrs. Roper hits him with a dart dipped in lethal poison.
4. Mrs. Roper tries to hide the body, but gets caught by George Michael.

This season begins with them walking on the Santa Monica Pier (The famous Santa Monica Yacht Harbor.) They are shown walking on the boardwalk, sailing and riding on the carousel. In one sequence Jack is shown riding in a bumper car. he gets distracted by a pretty girl and then crashes.
The pier is very much the same today as it was then, even the Holiday Inn that is seen at the beginning of the pier is still in operation.
The bumper cars are gone, since a new amusement park has opened with new bumper cars.
However, legend has it that an old lady lurks around them telling people she was once attractive enough to cause Jack to crash his bumper car. She also claims to be from outer space. I believe her.

These opened at the LA Zoo. There were many different shots in these sequences. The gang rode on the zoo tram, saw lions and fed goats.
One memorable shot featured Terri standing by the flamingos. She then puts her leg up and pretends to be one.
I tried this, and was attacked by an extra friendly male flamingo.
He never calls me anymore. I miss you Milkdud.
Another shot featured Jack seeing a pretty girl and -you guessed it- falling over a fence.


The Zoo looks a little different now. Last time I was there they were remodeling the entrance. The trams still run, but have been redesigned. Legend has it that an old lady lurks around them telling people she was once attractive enough to cause Jack to... oh wait did I do this joke already? Did I mention she claimed to be George Michael? If you are reading this, Milkdud, call me!