Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Walk of Fame

Welcome to's look at The Walk of Fame in fabulous Hollywood California.
The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a series of bronze plaques imbedded in pink and black squares that run across Hollywood Blvd. (from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue) and on Vine Street (from Yucca Street to Sunset Boulevard.)
The stars on the Walk honor not just movie stars, but radio, TV, & theater performers, directors, singers, magicians, and just about anyone remotely connected to Hollywood.
The stars are given in five categories: Motion Pictures, Television, Recording (singers, songwriters, etc.), Radio and Live Theater
The Walk started in 1960, and since then, over 2,000 stars have been added. Contrary to popular assumption, not all the stars are those of superstars. Many of them are of people that you have never heard of.
In this ongoing series we look at EACH and EVERY person who received this honor. You have probably heard of 2 or 3 of the people listed below. Others will sound vaguely familiar. Many will be completely unknown to everyone born after 1930. Hopefully, after you read about them you will remember them forever.

George M. Cohan to Jerry Colonna

Buddy Clark to Iron Eyes Cody

Ilka Chase to Ina Claire

Stan Chambers to Chevy Chase

Nancy Carroll to John Chambers

James Caan to Madeleine Carroll

Vanessa Brown to Spring Byington

Elton Britt to Tom Brown

John Bowers to Bernie Brillstein

Joan Blondell to Clara Bow

Ernani Bernardi to Mel Blanc

William Bendix to Irving Berlin

Richard Basehart to Robert Benchley

Tallulah Bankhead to Billy Barty

Lauren Bacall to Anne Bancroft

Eve Arden to Lew Ayres

Eddie Albert to Army Archerd

Bud Abbott to Licia Albanese

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