Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure Part 4

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Words can hurt.

Men have emotions.

Lies make baby Jesus cry.

These things all ran through my mind as I read comments claiming that I had never even SAW Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure.

It is with a heavy heart that I bring you this information:

The Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure IMDB message board is WICKED COOL!

Sure, there is only 2 posts and one is idiotic. BUT, I love the other one.
Take a look:

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"What is wrong with this world" is the question posed by Fitzbail.

A fine question, indeed.

There are many answers, but I would have to say 'poverty.' Or Star Jones.

Fitzbail follows up his question with a run-on sentence that starts off as a question but becomes something else entirely.

"WHY is there even something like this made it just isn't right When i got my tape for Christmas when i was 4 it was okay but when it turned 16 i burned it."

Fitzbail should be angry. What kind of parents give an Easter video for Christmas?

Juicebox_maven finds problems with much more than Fitzbail's parental gift giving habits.

"your math doesnt work. if the movie came out in 1999, and you were four, then you would be 11 now, not 16."


Plus, you should never burn video cassettes. They give off toxic fumes. If one needs a ritualistic birthday burning, might I suggest an old rubber tire.

Elsewhere on the IMDB is a page devoted to actor extraordinaire Paul Walker. It has a much more interesting message board.

Recent topics have included:
"I love the way he..."
and the perennial favorite:

In case you are wondering, a reader heard that Walker told Access Hollywood that he was having gay relations with the guy who played Urkel on 'Family Matters.'

Here is some info from the trivia section of his page:

Has a daughter by an ex-girlfriend.

Daughter, Meadow (b. 28 January 1999)

By "ex-girlfriend" they might mean "Urkel" and "daughter" they might mean "fulfilling, yet gay, relationship."

Graduated from Village Christian High School (located in Sun Valley, Ca) class of 1991.

Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful Persons in the world in 2001.

He doesn't like to watch himself on screen and will only watch his own movies once.

I only watch them once, too.

Describes himself as a "total gear head" and he owns the Nissan Skyline R34 which he used in 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

Is a keen traveller and has visited countries such as India, Fiji and Costa Rica

Gee wiz! He sure seems keen!
Has a dog named Zero.

What a silly name.
Has 2 brothers: Caleb and Cody; 1 sister: Ashlie.

I take it back. Zero is not silly.

His grandfather William Walker (aka. "Irish" Billy Walker) was a professional boxer.

I can't find any info on "Irish" Billy Walker (other than in other Paul Walker bios) but I can relate. My paternal grandfather was a pro golfer. He didn't have the nickname "Irish" however.

I guess he may have.

But I doubt it. He wasn't Irish.


  1. That should be enough proof for the nay sayers. Stop saying nay!

  2. So if Fitzbail comments on Viva Rock Vegas over at IMDB then would he have to call himself Fitzbailstone?

    I will say Nay!

  3. Anonymous6/29/2006

    But I HAVE to say nay!

  4. Anonymous6/29/2006

    I killed him. Don't worry about it.

  5. Anonymous6/29/2006

    Shame, I was trying to hook up with him.

  6. I still don't see any information on the film and my History of Anthropomorphic Ducks in Film research paper is due tomorrow.

    I've tried everything to get my hands on this film. I was going to borrow fitzbail's copy but they burned it. I even asked Mel to swipe your copy but he gave me Girls Gone Wild: Duck Pond Pandemonium instead. Now what am I going to do?

  7. Great! I got an F on my paper because the only movie I found to write about was Howard the Duck. The teacher wrote "George Lucas has no neck!" in red ink in the margin.

    I hope you're happy.

  8. Anonymous7/01/2006

    I want this movie. Very badly.

  9. Paul Walker only watches his own movies once? That's still one more time than me.