Monday, June 26, 2006

Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure Part 3

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Alright, let me lay it down for ya. In this film a small child meets a giant baby chicken named Baby Huey. Huey can't control his own strength and constantly breaks things. He plays baseball pretty good, too.

There are a handful of bad guys in the film who want to capture Baby Huey. OH GOD!


Happy place, Sweetie, happy place. Go to your happy place.

Ahhh. Let me share a few photos of my recent trip to Universal Studios.

I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel for a few nights. The hotel is great, it features one of Elvis' guns. That Elvis, what a nut-case!

Staying there also gives you the Universal "Express" line access. It rocks (although I got into a bit of an argument with an old lady who had not heard of Express and felt I was cutting the line.)

OLD LADY:You are cutting the line!
SWEETIE: No, I'm not. But, you ARE cutting a line... the line to my heart.
OLD LADY: Wanna make out?

So, we made out in the back of Scooby Doo's van. I will never forget you Bessie!

Here's a photo of the Madagascar Penguins and Lion.
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Here I am in front of the Men in Black ride. Do the towers look familiar? They are replicas of the World's Fair Towers.
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You may recall I meringued under the REAL towers last summer.

Over by the MIB ride I spotted Doc Brown or at least a 20 year-old dude pretending to be him:
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He was funny. He said the word "time" or "future" in every sentence.

It reminded me of how, on the Flintstones every guest star had the word "stone" or "rock" worked into their name.

Thinking of the Flintstones made me laugh and laugh.

Doc seemed confused as to why I was laughing so much and he left.

So, I bought a Flintstone's hat and stood by the Delorean:
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Here is a photo of the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area:
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Where is Ida Lupino's star?? Where is it? I couldn't find Johnny Grant so I asked Barney.
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He didn't know and he smelled like an old dishrag.

Here is a photo of me with Zorro and uh... Catherine Zeta Jones.
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Nearby was the goddess of the screen, Marilyn Monroe.
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I spent a whole lot of time in Island's of Adventure's Jurassic Park.

I even played with a machine that showed me what I would look like as a dinosaur:

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Pretty handsome, huh?

Imagine the old ladies I could score with if I looked like that!


  1. I am deeply sorry I called Elvis a nut-case.

  2. Zorro looks like he is missing teeth. The woman dressed at Catherine Zeta Jones character looked more like Loretta Lynn.
    I am looking forward to part 4.

  3. I'm starting to think you didn't even watch the movie.

  4. Perfect end to a great trilogy. There is resolution but questions still remain.

    Well done friend. Wait, I wasn't talking to you (I am placing my lunch order while typing this, can you hold on?) No, not well done, I'd like it medium rare, or as rare as the state allows it to be.

    Ok, sorry about that. Where was I?

  5. Trilogy? I got six more ready to go. I am the new George Lucas, only I have a chin.

  6. George Lucas has a chin. It's right there under his beard and neck fat.