Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Party with Ghandi

Sometimes very well meaning ideas come out so ridiculous you can't help but consider them satire. Case in point is this coloring book page.

It depicts Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Saraswali (the Hindu goddess) and Mother Theresa.

That is one killer party.

Also, it looks as if MLK and Saraswali are an "item." Saraswali is shooting Mother Theresa a look that says "Stay away from my man!"

Gandhi on the other hand is practicing some kind of hand shake with Martin Luther King, undaunted by the fact that King is wearing sneakers with a suit.
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  1. Jeez. Why don't I get invited to better parties. The last one I went to had only one dead guy and no goddesses.

  2. I bet they're on a double date. They're going to have a hard time finding someplace to go though because half of them aren't wearing any shoes.

  3. The way Ghandi is holding his right arm looks like he is struggling to keep his clothes up.