Friday, November 04, 2005

Movieland Wax: The Oval Office

The oval office was the last place you walked through at Movieland Wax museum. It was a pretty impressive set with the president standing behind a desk (during Clinton’s term occasionally his statue was not behind the desk. In that situation you could wax Clinton in the corner with wax Monica Lewinski.)
I don't know if this was the way the museum ended when it first opened, but this has been the case for the last few presidents.

The wax statue of President Bush is pretty impressive. He looks very lifelike. So much so that it is rumored that Wax President Bush fills in for the real one when he vacations.

The previous presidents (including Bush's father) are not displayed in the museum for the most part. One notable exception was President Reagan. After his term in office he was re-dressed and put back on display.