Thursday, November 17, 2005

Adam Sandler

One of the newer stars in the forecourt is Adam Sandler. The star of such flicks as Airheads and Bullet Proof is enshrined at Graumans alongside such names as Charlton Heston and Marilyn Monroe.

Sandler probably spent all night trying to find a way to WRITE in a wacky voice. He couldn't so the cement simply says "Hi to everyone! Love #23 Adam Sandler."

I don't know the significance of the number #23. Perhaps it was his number in the film. I know some websites mention it appearing in his other films, and being his favorite number.

My favorite number is eleventeen fiftakeyorhandsofme.

I bet I would be the only one to write THAT at Graumans.

I better go work on my wacky voice.


  1. That's strange. It sounds the same as all your other comments.

  2. It does sound a little different to me.

  3. Sweetie's Ex-Girlfriend11/18/2005

    I loved the waterboy. Especially the football stuff.

    You have a bunch of q-tips still at my place. Pick em up, moron.

  4. Jim Shorts11/18/2005

    Foul! Foul! You can't play football on cement.

  5. Sandler! Whos next? David Spade? Carrot top? Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter?