Thursday, November 17, 2005


Furbys look like Gremlins. Or actually Mogwai. They look cute and cuddly. But, what if they truly are more like Spike? What if they are evil?
What if they hated that scene in Gremlins 2 when Hulk Hogan yelled at the projection booth telling the Gremlins to turn the movie back on or... uh... something about his "24 inch pythons."
And what if they told people about this scene, but then they bought the VHS tape and it wasn't there, and people claimed they imagined it. Then they put the scene on the DVD, but it was too late because I didn't know the people that made fun of me. I mean 'made fun of the Furby.'

Not me.

I'm fine.

I won't connect these dots; however, I think Furby is kicking the turf outta a box turtle and I don't want to see that.

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