Monday, November 07, 2005

The Garden of Eden

This is from a bible based coloring book. It certainly brings to mind the end of Austin Powers, doesn't it?

Here Eve is on one knee proposing to an amazing tray of fruit. The goat seems fascinated by this. I am just fascinated to see a cartoon goat that isn't eating a tin can.

Hey! I think the plant behind Eve just gave me the finger!


  1. Adam looks a little like John Kerry. I know this because I have also seen John Kerry naked.

  2. I don't know where Adam found that tray but I'm glad he's carrying it.

  3. Sk8grrrl11/08/2005

    Ugh, that give me the creeps.

  4. The Taco Kid11/08/2005

    Fruit anyone?

  5. Inside Joke11/08/2005

    John Keeeeerrrrry. John Keeerrrrry.

    This inside joke has been brought to you by Albert Brooks

  6. Wow - I've never laughed at a blog so much - this is funny as hell. Eve looks a bit haggard in this shot, maybe that's why she ate the apple.

  7. If I had a self deprecating sense of humor, I might be inclined to respond to Sweetie's post with some lighthearted banter. However, I do not. Therefore, I will rail against the war in Iraq and complain about voter disenfranchisement in Ohio.