Friday, April 08, 2005

Yahoo Serious

Remember Yahoo Serious? Neither do I. To be truthful, I am not sure I even WANT to remember him. But, I feel the need to give y'all something to read today and this is the best I could do.

So grab a glass of raspberry milk and sharpen your #1 pencils (that's right NUMBER ONE pencils! Lets give those self righteous #2 pencils a run for their money!) I never finished the last sentence because I got off on that #2 pencils thing. I have no idea what I was originally going to write.

Yahoo Serious was born July 27 1953 under the name Greg Pead. That name is even stupider that Yahoo. Can you imagine what would have happened if he had become famous with that name?

SCENERIO #1: (with the name Greg Pead)
Greg walks down 5th Avenue in New York. MAN #1 spots him.
MAN #1: Look! Greg Pead on 5th Avenue!
MAN #2: What! Some guy peed on 5th Avenue! That is an outrage
COP: Greg, you are going to jail for public urination.

SCENERIO #2 (with the name Yahoo Serious)
Yahoo walks down 5th Avenue in New York. He spots MAN #1.
YAHOO: Hey I just peed on 5th Avenue.
MAN #1: Are you serious?
Man #1 punches Yahoo in the face.

SCENERIO #3 (with the name Edward Norton)
Ed walks down 5th Avenue in New York. He spots MAN #1.
ED: Hey I just peed on 5th Avenue.
MAN #1: Are you Ed Norton?
ED: Yes.
MAN #1: The one from 'Fight Club' or 'The Honeymooners'?
ED: Both
MAN #1: Let's go punch Yahoo Serious in the face.

SCENERIO #4 (with the name Mr. I. Peeonthestreet)
Mr. I walks down 5th Avenue in New York. He spots MAN #1.
Mr. I: Jeez, this is getting lame.
MAN #1: Lame like 'Fight Club' or 'The Honeymooners'?
Mr. I: I don't know, I don't watch PBS.
MAN #1: Do you know where I can get a good hot dog around here?
Mr. I: Are you hitting on me?
MAN #1: Yes, I am.

Anyway, Yahoo changed his name in 1980. He is an Australian film maker. He is best known for his 1988 film, Young Einstein. He wrote, directed, produced and starred in that film as well as his two other features, 1993's Reckless Kelly and 2000's Mr. Accident.

Yahoo was born in Hunter Valley, New South Wales in Australia. As a youth he worked as a tire fitter to pay his art school tuition.

I am not sure what a tire fitter does. I assume they fit tires, but I needed to be sure. So I went to I learned nothing.

Yahoo was expelled from art school but rebounded by making his first film at age 21. It was a documentary called Coaltown which explored the social and political history of coal mining, hilarity ensued.

The next year he had a television series called Lifestyle. It won something called the Australian Penguin Award for Best Educational Documentary.

The Australian Penguin Award is now my 6th favorite 'Penguin thing'.

1. Nuns
2. The flightless bird
3. The Batman villain
4. The 1950's doo wop band
5. The Pittsburgh Penguins
6. The Australian Penguin Award

Serious' big hit, 'Young Einstein', was an intentionally inaccurate movie featuring Albert Einstein as a young Tasmanian farmer who created rock music. The movie grossed over $26 million.

Serious waited until 1993 to release his next film, Reckless Kelly, a farce about Australian bank robber 'Ned Kelly'. The film was a hit in his native land, but failed elsewhere. It could be that the wait between films caused audiences to forget the outlandish man from down under. After another long hiatus, in 2000, Serious released a film called 'Mr. Accident’; it was about a guy who is accident prone.

In August of 2000, Serious sued search engine Yahoo! for trademark infringement. The case was quickly thrown out.

Despite a fall from the mainstream in the U.S., Serious has remained a star in Australia.

The motto of this story is: STAY OUT OF AUSTRAILIA!

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