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Unknown on the Walk of Fame: Vol. A, Part 2

This is a continuation of this article.

We continue now, looking at the people that make up the over 2000 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in fabulous Hollywood, California. Many of the stars are no longer well remembered. I am trying to change that by taking a look at each of these stars and seeing why they are on the Walk in the first place.

Eddie Albert TV

A longtime TV star, Eddie actually appeared in a special TV program in 1936! This was years before television was introduced to the public.
Frank Albertson MP

He was the guy who DIDN'T marry Donna Reed in "It's a Wonderful Life". He also appeared in over 100 films.
Jack Albertson TV

Jack appeared in many TV shows and won the 1965 Tony Award as Best Supporting Actor for "The Subject Was Roses". He then won an Oscar when he recreated that role for the movie screen three years later.
Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin TV

Buzz is an astronaut with the coolest nickname in NASA history. Buzz is part of a special "star" at the corner of Hollywood and Vine. It is round, rather than star shaped.
He shares the round star with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins to commemorate the Apollo XI moon landing.
Perhaps it is round because the moon is round.
Ben Alexander TV

Ben is best known for his work on Dragnet.
Muhammad Ali LT

Ali is certainly an interesting choice for the Walk. I don't know why he did not get it in TV or radio, because I can't imagine he did a lot of live performances (Sports don't count according to the Walk of Fame rules.) His star is different from all the others in that it is actually NOT part of the sidewalk; rather it is inside the Kodak Theater Lobby. Ali was given the star as part of a promotional blitz for the 2001 film, Ali.
Debbie Allen TV

Star of TV's "Fame".
Fred Allen Radio
Fred Allen TV

Legendary comedian, Fred was the host of "Texaco Star Theater" and has been inducted to the Radio Hall of Fame.
Gracie Allen TV

Wife of George Burns, Gracie played the ditsy blonde to George's strait man.
Rex Allen MP

Legendary western star also appeared on the Disneyland TV program.
Steve Allen TV
Steve Allen Radio

Comedian who wrote over 7,400 songs.
Tim Allen TV

Santa Claus.
Kirstie Alley MP

Oddly, this "Cheers" star has a star for movies! She has appeared in several awful films such as Madhouse and several talking baby films.
Fran Allison TV

The hostess of TV's Kukla, Fran and Ollie.
June Allyson MP

Pretty star of over 50 films starting in the 1930s. In 1985 she became a spokesperson for Depends Undergarments. Seeing a former silver screen beauty tell us "old people can now wet their pants with confidence" terrified a nation.
Herb Alpert Rec

One of the most successful instrumental performers in pop music history.
Don Alvarado MP

Starred in many films and television programs from the 1930s to the 1950. He got his name from a street in Hollywood. Don Street. I mean Alvarado street.
Don Ameche TV
Don Ameche Radio

Popular actor in the 30s and 40s, had a comeback in the 1980s playing old men in Cocoon and Folks. In 1939 he portrayed Alexander Graham Bell, leading people to nickname the telephone "The Don Ameche".
Adrienne Ames MP

Successful actress in the 1930s and 40s. She appeared in several films with the word "hell" in the title including: From Hell to Heaven (1933), Guilty as Hell (1932) and Merrily We Go to Hell (1932).
Morey Amsterdam Radio

Comedian and host of many radio programs. At one point he starred in three daily shows at the same time.
Bronco Anderson MP

Movie cowboy who appeared in and directed hundreds of western shorts. He played Bronco Billy in most of them.
Leroy Anderson Rec

Composer of the instrumental version of "Sleigh Ride" that features the sounds of horses at the end. I hear it every Christmas. I am sure you do, too.
Mirian Anderson Rec

Her name is actually spelled Marian Anderson. The official Walk of Fame site has it spelled wrong, but fear not – the “star” has the correct spelling on it. Famed opera singer also honored by the United States Postal Service in the Black Heritage Stamp Series.
Mary Anderson MP

Famous for her roles in Gone With the Wind and Peyton Place. Is NOT the same Mary Anderson that invented the windshield wiper.
Julie Andrews MP

Star of Mary Poppins and Sound of Music.
Heather Angel MP

Star of over 50 films including the "Bulldog Drummond" films that I assume star a talking bulldog who adopt two wisecracking African American kids from the ghetto.
Paul Anka Rec

A fifties teen idol, Anka stood out because he was a great songwriter.
Michael Ansara TV

He played Kang on Star Trek.
Ray Anthony Rec

A very successful big band leader.
Roscoe Arbuckle MP

More famous under the name Fatty Arbuckle, this comedian was tried for a murder he most likely did not commit. It ruined his career.
Army Archerd TV

TV host and commentator. Appeared in The Devil and Max Devlin as himself.

WOW! We STILL aren't through the "A"s! To be continued and continued.

Until then, go to this website and put your own name on a star for free.

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