Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I have seen the future... and it sucks

Dippin' Dots. Ice cream of the future.

I had some of this stuff. If you have never tasted Dippin' Dots, it is hard to explain. Basically it tastes like cold Styrofoam covered in vanilla syrup. Mmmmmmm.
It is really bad, but it has been around for a while now. You have probably seen Dippin' Dots for sale before. They generally are sold in vending machines at malls and movie theaters. The machine makes the 'ice cream' in front of you.

Dippin' Dots bills themselves as the 'Ice cream of the future.'

I wish I could call up Doc Brown and have him travel to the future to prevent this 'ice cream' from happening. I'd also tell him to keep Marty out of this. Seriously, WHY WAS MARTY ON THOSE MISSIONS? I understand in the first one he was fleeing the terrorists, but after that Doc should have taken the keys back. All Marty did was make things worse. In fact, who's to say that Marty's interference didn't CAUSE Dippin' Dots!

It's hard to trust a skinny teenager who drinks Tab.

Back to the Future
House of the Future

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