Monday, March 19, 2012

Duck Hunt TV

Here is a neat little project I did this weekend.I was very pleased with the results and it was incredibly easy.

To start out I had an old TV. It was a square TV, but it had a nice flat screen with a bright clear image.

I bought a mount for it on eBay and put it up in my basement:

Look at that TV with it's sweet built in VCR!

I then took an old foam mounted poster I had. A sturdy piece of cardboard would have worked too.

I printed out a bunch of Duck Hunt images:
I included the "laughing dog". I love him. I am surprised to find how many people on the net hated him. It's like 50/50 between "I hate that dog" and "I'd hit dat".

Then I cut the foam board to match the size and shape of the TV leaving a spot for the remote control sensor:

Then I painted it blue and glued on the images on:

Then I just used a staple gun to staple it to the TV:

Not too shabby! Sure hanging the heavy TV was a bit back breaking... and yes, I did get some glares from the cashier at Kinkos after printing the images... but wow. Looks really good!
There is something kind of disorienting about playing Duck Hunt on a TV with a Duck Hunt graphics around the screen.
So I just use it to watch Cheers.
Guy Hutchinson
Guy Hutchinson

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