Thursday, July 16, 2009

Smoke and a Pancake

The internet is pretty dang cool. You can flip through thousands of photos of whatever you choose. Search for "pancake" and you might find this dude:

I love this picture. I love how he holds his pancake with one hand and his ciggie with his other hand.

I love his tattoos. He has one on his left bicep and one on his right forearm. I wasn't sure what they were at first, but now I know... they are AWESOME.

I love his simple steel bracelet, I love the fact that he is eating pancakes outside in the fall.

I love that the pancake is shaped like a dog or a marmoset or something. That might meant that kids are around. This guy looks like a cool grandpa.

I love his steel watch and understated white shirt accented by what might be George Harrison's signature on his cigarette pocket.

God bless you dog shaped pancake eating, tattooed, smoking, George Harrison meeting, outdoor-sy grandpa.


  1. Pancakes.

    They are selling like hotcakes.