Monday, August 28, 2006

A Visit to the Cheers Bar

It's a pretty simple mistake. I bet everyone has done it at some point.

Haven't you confused Maryland and Massachusetts?

Well, I did.

After watching a marathon session of "Cheers" episodes I decided to make a pilgrimage to the REAL Cheers bar: The bar that was used for exterior shots and was the inspiration for the TV show.

I grabbed a handful of CDs (Kenny Rogers, Roy Rogers and Mister Rogers - THE ROGERS HOLY TRINITY), dove into my car and drove like a duke boy toward "THE" Cheers Bar.
Actually, the GPS system just said it was "A" Cheers bar.

I should have been more specific.

After a long drive I wound up here:

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It was a nice friendly tavern just outside of Baltimore shamelessly stealing the name Cheers. Here is one of their ads:

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Boy, that reminds me of the show! Not Cheers, but the Ed Sullivan Show. He once had a guy on that could spin a mug on a fork as they played circus music.

It also reminds me of Cub Scout camp when would toast mugs of beer over a fire.

Or maybe that was marshmallow...

No, I think it was Cub Scout camp. I don't even know what marshmallow camp is.
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In conclusion, I liked the Cheers bar. It was fun. The interior did remind me of Cheers, and they had lots of pool tables.

Sadly they did not have a know-it-all mailman.

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