Monday, August 14, 2006


I loved Clerks II so much. It's a hysterical film from director Kevin Smith and most of it takes place at a burger joint called Mooby's.

Being a big fan of the movie and a bigger fan of burger joints I decided to put on a giant pair of sunglasses and drive to Mooby's.

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Notice anything unusual about that photo? (Other than my giant sunglasses?)

Mooby's isn't there anymore.

But it WAS there during the fall of 2005 when the movie was being filmed.

Here is a photo of actress Rosario Dawson on the set during filming:
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Note the Days Inn in the background. That's how I found the place. I knew they were filming in an abandoned Burger King next to a Days Inn and near Knotts Berry Farm (a Six Flags-esque theme park 15 minutes north of Disneyland.

With this knowledge and my fantastic sleuthing skills I went to Google Earth...

... where I found this:

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In the top left you see Knotts, in the bottom right you see the Days Inn.

After studying this image for about 45 minutes I found Mooby's:
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Then I spent another 45 minutes trying to draw an "arrow" in Photoshop:
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The parking lot is pretty big for a Burger King:
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This was probably very helpful in giving the crew room to shoot. But, at some point after filming the whole place was demolished, and taken away. Or, it could have been take away in one piece and displayed inside Kevin Smith's comic book store in Red Bank NJ.

That sounds possible, but I was never good at math.

Speaking of Kevin, here is a photo of he and Jason Mewes chatting on the set.
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And here is one more photo of the lot I took from the reverse angle.
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You can see the same trees in both shots.

At least you can if you aren't wearing giant, dark sunglasses.


  1. And I never got an egga-Mc-Mooby-muffin.

  2. Anonymous8/16/2006

    I dig it.

  3. Anonymous8/16/2006

    I would give Clerks II a 9 out of 10. The only reason I'm not giving it a perfect 10 is b/c it had a slow start. Besides that this movie overwhelmingly surprised me with its directing and acting. Natalie Portman did an amazing job playing Sam... There were so many surprising elements thrown out during the movie. Smith just kept piling one thing on top of the next to make the story more interesting as it rolled on. I was very pleased with Clerks II.

    With the title Clerks II how can one not see this movie? Well, one could, and would be missing a very funny movie. Smith is genius creative marketing, and the movie is actually funnier than its trailer. The movie demographic is probably from 15 to 25-- totally not mine. The story is more hit than miss, with inspired moments and a drugged out cool. Consequently, the humor can be gross out bathroom humor. However, it can be clever funny, and has moments of comic genius.

    Give props to Smith for ignoring political correctness and having fun with stereotypes. Even in this simplistic comedy, the scenes where Jay is giving career advice at a college Asian club meeting or where Silent Bob is talking with his father and older brother who are both doctors at the hospital are funny, and have an air of authenticity. Also the story plays off the fact that our duo is perceived geeks and are targets of the Extreme Sports Punks.

    Clerks II has some of the funniest scenes that sometimes blur lines of taste. Regardless, it's funny. You have to see the movie for this. You can figure out how this all ends. It is not a cinematic masterpiece, but it is a lot of fun. I would see, for example "Clerks Go to Disneyland".

  4. Anonymous8/17/2006

    OH NOOOOOO!! From those satilitie images, I learned my house is on fire!! Ahhhh!!