Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Donald Duck's Prehistoric Breakfastosaurus at Restaurantosaurus

At Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando Florida they have a daily event entitled:
Donald Duck's Prehistoric Breakfastosaurus at Restaurantosaurus
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I say event because with a name like that you could hardly just call it a meal.

It's one of my favorite things to do ANYPLACE in the world because:

A. I love Walt Disney World
B. I love breakfast
C. I love Donald Duck
D. I love anything with a funny spelling

Really, I do. If you are selling a product and you want me to be interested , take away the letter "s" and replace it with a "z."

I will buy it.

Make the name even more ridiculous, I will buy more.

For example:

Sausages = O.K.
Zausagez = Awesome
Snausages = Totally awes- wait, that's a dog food.

It's a bad example, but it does help explain my affinity for Donald's character breakfast.

Anyway, if you haven't been to a Disney character breakfast before, here is how it works.

You show up and eat and throughout your meal about 5 costumed Disney characters come to your table for photographs or autographs.

It saves you the hassle of waiting in line for these characters later in the park, because lets face it, no one wants to go to Walt Disney World and leave WITHOUT a picture with Mickey Mouse.

Plus, as an adult it's often hard to get a photo with Disney's costumed pals because kids have a habit of jumping in front of you. I usually yell at them and push 'em aside, but some people have trouble building up the courage to shove other people's children.

So for them, a character meal is a must.

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Character meals can be lunch or dinner, but most are breakfast.

And that is what Donald Duck's Prehistoric Breakfastosaurus. It's an all you can eat buffet, they say "all you care to eat" because it is not a requirement that you ingest as much as you physically can.

But, why wouldn't you.

The price is $18.99 a person, which seems a bit pricey. Still, Walt Disney World is generally expensive. If you don't like their prices, stay in your own world.

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Donald is the host here, and he is outfitted here with a special dino-themed sailor suit. Remember, it's "prehistoric."

Not the food, however, that's pretty fresh.

They have the usual eggs, bacon, pancakes, fruit and sausage.

If only they had Zausagez!

They do have hot plates. Hot, hot, hot plates. Often so hot that you can't hold 'em. So hot that you food starts to melt when you put it on the plate. I hate when restaurants do that.

I hate it more when restaurantosaurus' do that.

Donald's buddies at this breakfast are Mickey, Goofy and Pluto all whom appear in their dino-themed vacation clothes.

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They don't stay very long at your table. Just long enough to take a picture or sign an autograph.

I never get autographs. It seemed stupid to me even as a child. So when they get to my table they stop long enough to be photographed and then move on.

So sometimes I don't bring a camera.

It throws them COMPLETELY off their game.

They just kinda stand around and do schtick for you. It's pretty funny.

After they walk away I use some hand sanitizer to kill the kiddie germs that may have been transfered from Pluto's hand to mine.

Kids are filthy. Watch one for five minutes if you don't believe me.

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After you met everyone, ate your eighteen dollars and ninety-nine cents worth of zausagez (humor me on this one), you pay the bill and move on.

But your memories last a lifetime.

Although you may find it hard to remember the full name: Donald Duck's Prehistoric Breakfastosaurus at Restaurantosaurus.


  1. Of course, now I'm starving.

  2. Anonymous7/26/2006

    Foul! Foul!

    Kid's can be pretty foul.

  3. How did Donald manage to get top billing?

    I somehow always get dragged to the character meal at Crystal Palace even though we're never impressed by the food. My wife is a big Tigger fan.

  4. Yeah, I am truly surprised that Donald gets top billing. That poor Duck seems to always be cast aside. That is one of the reasons I like it the most.

  5. Anonymous7/27/2006

    Quackety quack quack.

  6. Anonymous7/27/2006

    Cute photos

  7. Sweetie - I took my kids to this back in May, and they loved it. Hell, I loved it too. Any opportunity to have my photo take with Goofy is the bees knees.