Monday, July 10, 2006

Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure Part 6

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AKA What was the deal with the Four Brothers poster.

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In getting to the bottom of Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure we inadvertently may have gotten to the top of a greater mystery: The Four Brothers poster.

I am sure when you thought of the offices of you pictured them as plush, ornate corporate surroundings. A place where misshapen dollar store action figures were discussed by a water cooler in the same breath as the latest news on the war on terror.

Or maybe you pictured some dude living in his mom's basement.

Either way, what you got was quite different.

It is something that deserves an explanation.

But, I won't be providing you with one.

I will give you some more facts to ponder:

FACT #1:
I have never seen the movie Four Brothers. Initially, I thought it was a sequel to the tiger flick Two Brothers, but when I found out it was not, I lost interest.

FACT #2:
The whole tiger flick thing was a joke. Still, I never saw the movie Four Brothers.

FACT #3:
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Taped atop the poster are reprints of letters either sent or received by Marty McFly in the film series Back to the Future. Could this be a harbinger of things to come? Will I be fired from Will I be shot by Lybian terrorists? Will I learn the correct definition of the word harbinger?

I don't know.

Fact #4
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The poster also contains the names of several classic movie stars and one Vice President of the United States who resigned in disgrace. Why?
Why are the eyes of the four brothers covered up? Is this a sign? Does it mean something?

How dark the sin of


  1. Boy, do we need Tom Hanks with a mullet to unravel this one.

  2. At one point will the name of this blog be changed to bunchohuey?

  3. Mark! There are far too many questions as it is! Don't ask more.

  4. I can't wait to see what's in store for part 7.

  5. Anonymous7/11/2006

    I think I am hooked. Is Patrick Duffy in a shower somewhere?

  6. Anonymous7/11/2006

    Wha? I went away for like two days and now the whole thing is Baby Huey? I am sooOO00oo000oOOoo confused!