Friday, October 28, 2005

Movieland Wax Museum

The Movieland Wax Museum was a fixture in fabulous Buena Park California (just outside of Disneyland) for 43 years. On Halloween Day, 2005 they closed their doors forever.

Click on any photo below to read a short article about it.


  1. Tell me that you aren't jealous of that sweet Back to the Future shirt. I know you are.

  2. Anonymous10/31/2005

    I'm more transfixed by how Hulk Hogan is managing to rip his shirt off without using grasping it with his hands.

  3. I noticed that, too. It looks like hooks are connecting it to his palms. Creepy.

  4. Anonymous10/31/2005

    Hogan looks like my dad in that picture. You guys should come over and meet my dad and then look at the photo again. Then you would laugh.

  5. Anonymous10/31/2005

    The wax musuem is closing. You should mention that.

  6. Anonymous11/03/2005

    I bet wax Mr. T pities the fools that shelled out sixteen bucks to see those horrible sequels. He also pities the employees that mistake him for Master P.

  7. Anonymous11/03/2005

    Sweetie, can you pass a message to the wax figure of Neo? I need to talk to him about the Matrix.

    Actually if you have time I'd like to talk to you about the Matrix as well.

  8. Anonymous11/03/2005

    Wax Neo already jibba jabbas about the matrix all day long. I pity the fool who hates his life so much he has to construct a fantasy world that doesn't make any sense.

  9. Anonymous11/04/2005

    You can talk to me, Morpheus!