Thursday, November 03, 2005

Movieland Wax: Mr. T

The first time I went to Movieland it was because their website listed Mr. T as one of the statues they had. I went to the museum and after about 45 minutes of touring I got to the exit and had never seen Mr. T.
I wanted to ask the employee at the exit, but he was busy with other customers so I called on the phone after I got home.
MOVIELAND: Hello, Movieland Wax.
SWEETIE: Hi. Do you have a wax statue of Mr. T?
MOVIELAND: I don't think so. Let me check.
(on hold for 3 minutes)
MOVIELAND: No sir, we don't have a statue of Master P.
MOVIELAND: Oh sure, we have Mr. T.
SWEETIE: I went there today and I couldn't find him.
MOVIELAND: He's here. I passed him this morning. Ask an employee and they can show you.
(BTW, that was a real conversation. No joke.)

So I went back another day and asked an employee. It turns out they had Mr. T and about 100 other statues on a huge wing of the museum that I missed on my first trip. It was amazing to me that the museum was so huge that I could miss a whole 1/4 of it and still feel I got my moneys worth (well, aside from the lack of Mr. T and Master P.)

Mr. T is located in a 'warehouse' setting that is somewhat indicative of the A-Team. It's a MUCH better likeness than the OTHER wax Mr. T that is at Movieland Wax in Canada (note: the two museums are not affiliated at all.)

I have an older photo of the Mr. T statue and on THAT he is wearing a perfect match of what his 1984 gold chains looked like. Today the statue features a much more generic set of chains (featuring a dollar sign and a peace symbol.)

I don't know when this changed and why.

Mr. T stood directly across from Neo of The Matrix.