Tuesday, May 03, 2005

More Jeffrey Tambor Jokes

A while back I let you in on one of the greatest joys in life... telling jokes about TV's Jeffrey Tambor. That article was such a big hit that within 24 hours of posting it I had over 30 emails in my inbox.

Sure, most of them were trying to sell me an iPod, Viagra and low cost car insurance, and none of them even mentioned Jeffrey Tambor or bunchojunk.com in general, but deep down inside I know they all loved the article, wow, what a run-on sentence I made! I am so proud.

You may remember Jeffrey as "Hank" on The Larry Sanders Show or as "that mean guy who twisted Gonzo's nose" in Muppets from Space.

Here are some jokes about him:

Why did Jeffrey Tambor think his chef was cruel?
-because he whipped the cream and beat the eggs.

What did Jeffrey Tambor call the homeless midget?
-a low down bum.

What did Jeffrey Tambor say to his toilet?
-"you look a little flushed."

Knock knock
-who's there?
-Dewey who?
Dewey have time to watch the Jeffrey Tambor film "Malibu's Most Wanted"? That is a funny movie!

Jeffrey Tambor was staying at a posh Beverly Hills hotel when he decided to sunbathe on the roof. Since no one else was around he decided to slip out of his swimsuit to get an all over tan. Suddenly the manager came up to the roof.
"Mr. Tambor" he said "I would like to ask that you keep your swimsuit on as you sunbathe."
"Why" said Jeffrey Tambor "There's no one else up here that can see me."
"That's true" said the manager "but you are lying on the skylight."
Jeffrey Tambor was so embarrassed he jumped off the building and died.
THE END (you may laugh now.)

Knock knock
-who's there?
-Justin who?
Justin the mood for some good music, too bad Jeffrey Tambor doesn't sing.

Why did Jeffrey Tambor wear a helmet to the dinner table?
-because he was on a crash diet.

Knock knock
-who's there?
-Stan who?
Stan back! Jeffrey Tambor's on a crash diet.

Why does Jeffrey Tambor go to bed?
-because his bed won't come to him.

Knock knock
-who's there?
-Arthur who?
Arthur any more funny Jeffrey Tambor jokes?

No, probably not.

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