Friday, February 01, 2008

Temporary Teeth

The other day I started brushing my teeth and something odd happened. My tooth fell out.
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Actually, it wasn't as surprising as you think. I have two capped teeth and the one that fell out had been loose for a long time.

Still, it was a little odd. I called the dentist and they promised to take me that afternoon.

So, looking like Luke Williams I stepped out of the house.

If you know who Luke Williams is you are probably laughing your head off. If not, here's a picture:
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If you are a wrestling fan who just didn't recognize the name Luke Williams you know him better as one half of The Bushwhackers. NOW I bet you are laughing.

If you don't follow wrestling, you are probably scared to death by that picture.

Regardless, I had my missing tooth and I was out on the town. I got a few stares and I made a couple children cry. Then I was off to the dentist.

The dentist decided that it was time for both capped teeth to go. In order to make posts for the brand new teeth the dentist ground the old teeth down into little fangs:

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Pretty dang cool, eh?

Then they took some molds, did some minor gum surgery (to make the new teeth fit) and made me a set of temporary teeth.

Here are the molds and the temporary teeth:
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You may notice that the temporary teeth are actually just one big piece that looks like two teeth.

Yesterday I was fitted with my new permanent porcelain veneers:
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What a nice smile!

Still, I will never forget the time I spent with my temporary teeth.
I hope you never forget me, Temporary Teeth.
Remember that time I wanted to open my DVD copy of Karate Dog, the movie about a dog that did karate? Remember how I had trouble getting the shrink wrap plastic to tear. But you grabbed that plastic and pulled that package open.
Remember that Temporary Teeth? Then we watched that movie and there was a dog that did karate in it?
I remember when I laughed and laughed at all the karate that was being done... by a dog! You were right there, every time I opened my mouth to chuckle.

I love you Temporary Teeth.

And remember when we ate some ribs at T.G.I. Fridays? We really liked those ribs, didn't we, Temporary Teeth? I remember the meat got stuck in my teeth so I started to floss as soon as I got in the car. You wanted me to floss at the table, you animal! Temporary Teeth, you are such a lovable brute!

Remember when I tried to floss you, then I realized you were just one big double tooth? We laughed and laughed.

Remember when we in Italy and the bread salesman tried to sell me so bread with a burnt crust? Remember how you bit my thumb as I cursed him and his goat? That was quite a day.

Thanks for watching my back, Temporary Teeth.

I love you Temporary Teeth. I will love you forever...

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  1. Haha! It looked like you really had a great time with your temporary teeth, Guy! Anyway, how's your veneers? Take good care of them, dude. It would look odd if they fell out since it's now your permanent teeth.