Friday, February 15, 2008

Mr. Roper flashing gang signs

Mr. Roper is one of my all time favorite TV characters. He was so good that I might just prefer him OVER Don Knotts as Mr. Ferly. It's a tough call.

Wow. I am torn.

On one hand you have Don Knotts making bug eyes at the camera and on the other hand you have Norman Fell doing that limp-wristed motion and calling Jack "Tinkerbell."

They even did an episode where both the Ropers and Mr. Ferly appeared. It must have been amazing to be there for the Roper/Ferly summit.

Outside of Threes Company Don Knotts wins hands down... but on that show... it's so close.

I'm stalling here. I am just trying to fill space.

See, I have three images for you and they don't even need any text. This just makes me feel like I did something other than post a couple pictures.


What do other people do to waste time?

Top ten lists! Remember when David Letterman used to do those top ten lists? I am sure he stopped that years ago since the whole idea just reeks of 1993. I bet he stopped around 1994 or 95.

I also bet his show is still funny and creative just like it used to be back then.

(I live in a world of denial.)

But, when the top ten lists became a phenomena all the sudden they were ripped off everywhere. I even have an unauthorized "top ten list" board game.

Heres my top ten list:

Top 10 Things Overheard at the Roper/Ferly Summit:

10. Why would I order ham... I have Mr. Roper right here!

9. Ferly? Is that some kind of muppet?

8. Roper (rope her)? I hardly touched her!

7. The secret to the bug eyes... it's HGH!

6. Buttafouco

5. Actually, Jack Tripper is straight... it's John Ritter that's gay.

4. Janet is always game for a roll in the hay... if you know what I mean.

3. Do you know what I mean?

2. Roll in the hay... sex... you know?


Anyway, I found an episode of Family Feud that Norman Fell appeared on. The episode was some "Heroes vs. Villains" showdown and Norman Fell was one of the villains.

I never really though of him as a villian... until I noticed he was signaling his homies.

LOOK AT THAT! He is making some gesture to his fellow villains!


After the show I am sure Norman did a drive by at Suzanne Somers house.