Monday, January 28, 2008

Sammy Soil

His name is Sammy Soil... he's a tiny piece of soil... OR IS HE????

I dunno, look at how he towers over the grass and check out the bees that buzz around him like planes around King Kong.

Sammy Soil is NOT tiny.

Sammy has hands the size of dinner plates and shoes that either belong to grandma or The Iron Shiek. He also has Michael Jackson's nose and is in need of a haircut.

I don't think I will sleep tonight...


  1. Sammy is coming and he will slap you with his clown glove!

  2. Sam The Butcher1/28/2008

    I only wear latex gloves when preparing meat for Alice.

  3. Sam Malone1/28/2008

    I never wear gloves when serving brew at Cheers.

  4. Sam, the red haired kid who was friends with Arnold on Dif'frent Strokes1/28/2008

    I never wear gloves when I am being really cute for Mr. D.

  5. Sam The Robot1/28/2008

    I was on Sesame Street in the 1970s. Anyone remember me? Anyone?

  6. Samantha From Who's The Boss1/28/2008

    Tony Danza called me Sam.

  7. Sam I Am (Dr. Suess Character)1/28/2008

    I do not think this is funny at all...
    I don't find it short or tall...
    I don't like these comments at all...

  8. I Am Sam (The Sean Penn Movie)1/28/2008

    This is stupid.

  9. The Burger King1/29/2008

    robble robble my ass