Friday, January 25, 2008

A Deleted Scene From Rambo: First Blood Part II

Things could not be better today because the world has been blessed with ANOTHER Rambo flick.

The newest film is simply called Rambo even though it follows Rambo III. The first film was actually called First Blood but rather than call it's sequel "Second Blood" they called it Rambo: First Blood Part II.

Anyway, the plot of that film involved Rambo going into to Vietnam and picking up some bearded guy so he can carry him back to the USA.

After a little while Rambo needed a breather so he set the dude down.

"Hey, I'm Rambo. I like your beard" He said (or something like that.)

"What year is it" The bearded guy said (we can call him Ted from now on.)

Rambo turned away and said "1985."

Bam! We see the sorrow and regret on Ted's face.

It was a touching moment, but almost instantly it ended and they were trekking back to the good old USA.

However, in the first cut of the film the scene went much longer. I found the entire deleted scene (or extended sequence if you will) on a DVD or Youtube or maybe I just made it up.


"What year is it" Ted asks Rambo.

"1985" Rambo replies.

Ted looks sad. "Is Johnson still President?"


"Is Mikey still the spokesman for Life Cereal?"

"No," replied an agitated Rambo "he drank soda and Pop Rocks and died."

"Pop Rocks?"

"It's candy." replied Rambo.

"Is it any good?" asked Ted.

"I never tried 'em. I think it's like Rice Krispies."

"Rice Krispies are a candy now?" Ted seems even more curious.

"No. But sometimes people cook them with marshmallows and serve them as squares."

"Like a cake?"

Rambo looks around before answering. The he nods 'yes.'

"Wow" said Ted "do they still crackle and pop if you dunk them in milk?"

"A little." replied Rambo.

Ted looked happy. "Do they still snap?"

"No." Rambo quickly answered.


"What else has changed, Rambo?" Ted asked.

"A whole lot."

Ted looked at his feet. "Do people still bump butts when they dance?"


Ted was stunned. "No? Not at all?"

Rambo shakes his head 'no.'

"I really liked 'the bump' I was pretty good at it. If I go into a disco and try it would that be okay?"

"I wouldn't recommend it." Rambo shot back. "Plus nobody says disco anymore."

"What do they say?" Ted asked.

Rambo looks confused, like he wasn't really listening to Ted but was embarrassed to admit it so he just answers the question he thought he heard.

"People say 'Pac-man' and 'Hulkamania's running wild' and 'one point twenty-one jigawatt's' stuff like that."

Ted starts thinking and says "I wonder if my mom is still alive."

"Nah" said Rambo "She was probably killed by the aliens."


"Yup. They came out of the sewers and wiped out everyone. They use old lady bones to pick their teeth."

Ted is in shock!

"I'm just messin' with ya." Rambo chuckles.

Ted is still in shock.

Ted then asks "How did that Disneyland in Florida turn out?"

Rambo said "It's good. I went there last August. I rode the tea cups and drank pink lemonade. They got another one called Epcot Center."

"Do they have tea cups there?" Ted asked.

"No." said Rambo.

"No tea cups?" Ted asked again.

"Not one." said Rambo with a tone of finality that shook Ted to his core.

Then they get up and Rambo carries him back to the United States blowing up entire villages with explosive arrows along the way.