Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BMX Bandits: Part 3 - LET'S GET FOAMY

When we last left the BMX Bandits, bad guys were chasing Nicole Kidman because her and her friends had stolen a case of walkie-talkies (that the bad guys had planned to use for some kind of crime).
The kids were racing through a mall causing hysterical havoc.

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This guy got a pie in the face.

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Nicole & company then went to the police who told them to fight the bad guys themselves. This might be the dumbest scene I have ever seen in any movie... and I saw Shakespeare in Love.

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At some point the bad guys chase the BMX Bandits through a water park.

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Then the Bandits get all the kids in town to throw flour at the bad guys.

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Then they sprayed some foam fertilizer on them. Somehow this movie turned into an episode of Double Dare in the last ten minutes.

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So, the bad guys failed the "physical challenge" and they were sent home with a copy of the Double Dare home game. Then, the BMX Bandits opened a bike park. I hate bike parks. I took my bike to one and then I had to carry a plastic bag and "pick up" after the bike "did it's business."

Maybe that was a Muppet park. I do own a Muppet.

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During the credits we get a warning. Not a warning about stealing things (like walkie-talkies) or spraying deadly foam fertilizer at people or even about shutting of the circuit before doing electrical work (see part 2) but about bike riding.

In conclusion. I hate BMX Bandits. I hate them so much. I hope they make a remake so I can hate that too.

Before we go, let me share this screen grab from the water park scene:
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This kid went to the water park for a day of fun and it was captured on film forever.

And that boy would grow up to become Andre Agassi.

Cheers mate!

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