Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Want a New Duck

I love Halloween. It may just be my favorite holiday of the year (that is assuming 'the day my neighbor's wife finds his Girls Gone Wild tapes and makes him throw them out and I take them out of his trash can' is not a real holiday.)

In the past I have had some pretty good costumes.

Last year I was a piece of beef jerky.
Click here to see it.
I know you want to.

So, the pressure was on to try and top it. I tried to think of something original that I could create for a reasonable price.

I looked into the cost of different fabrics, took a look at some existing patterns...

...and then I just gave up and bought something at the Halloween store.

Take a look:

Image Hosted by

That's me in my Donald Duck costume. You know you love it.

It was a huge and rather well made costume. The butt of the costume was most impressive. It was soooo big that I could not fit in the front seat of the car without reclining the seat ALL THE WAY.

My duck butt also knocked over knick knacks and portraits everywhere I went.

Plus, I was wearing tights:
Image Hosted by

That's me and my cat. I can't really determine what she thought of it.

If only a cat could communicate shame and embarrassment.

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