Friday, April 14, 2006

The Mayor of... Disneyland

Kimberly Williamson Butler wants to be Mayor of New Orleans.

Like all good candidates she set up a website. Take a look:

Image Hosted by

For some reason, the web designer chose not to put a photo of New Orleans on the front page, but rather, New Orleans Square in Disneyland.

How do I know?

Because someone else pointed it out to me. But besides that, lets take a look at the photo.

First, take a look at the trash can.

It looks EXACTLY like a Disneyland New Orleans Square trash can:
Image Hosted by

Second, take a look at the people. A man and his lady casually walk down the middle of the street wearing a fruity Hawaiian shirt.

No worries that a car might come around that blind corner in front of them and flatten them like a pancake.

A pancake with no sense of style.

Third, here is another picture of the same spot in Disneyland:
Image Hosted by

It's Disneyland, baby.

Vote for Kim.

Well, Kim lost. Not sure who she lost to but she ain't mayor.

Still, she did bring a whole lot of attention to an area that really needed some attention. So, like Kimberly Williamson Butler I want to help the good people of New Orleans.

I didn't have any money to donate since I lost that all betting on the MLB All Star Game (damn you, American League!) and the Superbowl (damn you, Seattle Seahawks!) and Jose Vijiste double homicide trial (damn you, motion to declare a mistrial due to a deadlocked jury.)

But I did have tourism dollars (OK, so I guess I could donate. But I'm selfish.)

Either way, I packed my bags and headed to New Orleans.

Image Hosted by

I had a blast. I ate at the Blue Bayou, rode Pirates of the Caribbean and even pointed a few people in the direction of the nearest rest room.

Why do people always ask for the "nearest rest room?" Do they assume that I would have told them where the furthest rest room is if they didn't specify?

DUDE: Do you know where I can find a rest room?
ME: Sure! My friend John has 3 in his parent's house. I recommend the one off the master bedroom. His dad always has great magazines, wink wink.
DUDE: Is that the nearest rest room?
ME: Oh hell no! That's a 6 hour flight from here. The nearest rest room is right behind me.

You know, now I am starting to question calling it a "rest room" in the first place. You don't actually REST in there.

Well, regardless they all thanked me for pointing them in the right direction.

And I thank Kimberly Williamson Butler, for pointing ME in the right direction.


  1. Anonymous4/14/2006

    She is running for Mayor. You should mention that.

  2. Anonymous4/14/2006

    Foul! I know everyone is upset about the war but you can't use that photo... what were we talking about?

  3. I bet they used the Disneyland photo because they couldn't find a New Orleans picture that didn't involve drunk girls lifting up their shirt.

  4. Anonymous4/16/2006

    You should also note that Ms. Butler couldn't attend one of the mayoral debates because she was in jail.

  5. Anonymous4/17/2006

    From KATC 3

    Disney looking into Butler's unauthorized use of photo

    NEW ORLEANS Disneyland is looking into a New Orleans mayoral candidate's unauthorized use of a photo of its theme park on a campaign Web site.

    Criminal district Court Clerk Kimberly Williamson Butler's Web site features the photo, which shows a portion of the California park that resembles the French Quarter.

    A Disney public relations official says the matter has been referred to the park's legal department.

    Butler appears in the foreground of the photo, but it is not clear whether her image was simply superimposed on the scene by the Web site designer.

    Butler has not said why the photo was chosen instead of an authentic New Orleans cityscape.

    Butler is among 23 candidates running for mayor of New Orleans in elections this month.

    She has made news recently for being arrested on contempt of court charges and for comparing herself to Ghandi and Nelson Mandela after being released from jail last month.

    The arrest stemmed from her refusal to transfer authority for the cleanup of the court's hurricane-flooded property room to an outside judge who was appointed to take on that task by the state Supreme Court.

    Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

  6. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction as always.

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