Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Jolly Green Rug

Most people have a rug in their home. I bet you do. But do you have a rug that is actually the footprint of a giant who suffers from an absurd amount of chlorophyll?

Probably not.

Don't feel bad, neither do I. But I feel pretty bad about it, so maybe you should, too.

Look at it:
Image Hosted by

It would be INSANELY cool to own even if it was just a REGULAR furry, green, foot shaped rug.

But this is a furry, green, JOLLY GREEN GIANT's foot shaped rug.

Think how jealous the neighbors would be! Plus, when the sad day comes that the family pooch dies, stick him under the rug and tell people: "Fido was squashed by the Jolly Green Giant."

It would be a great story.

This rug was a mail in premium from 1967.
Image Hosted by

It only cost a few bucks and a couple of labels from Jolly Green Giant food cans.

Such bliss for such a great price.


  1. I hope bright red socks make a comeback! I am starting to think 1967 was the zenith of our culture.

  2. Anonymous3/15/2006

    I love it! Check out the sexy pose that JGG is striking in the ad!

  3. That rug baffles me but not as much as that large image at the top of the main page. What's coming on Monday? Are angry two year olds taking over the site?

    This question will haunt me all weekend.

  4. The angry 2 year olds are on standby.

  5. Anonymous3/17/2006

    Foul! Foul! I know you are all upset about the war, but we need to find out what happens on Monday!

  6. Hey! Jim Shorts is back! That makes my St Patty's Day even MORE special!

  7. Anonymous3/26/2006

    Feet on a foot rug. Heh heh heh. Yeah, I know, it's not that funny...

  8. Anonymous6/14/2009

    I saw one on E-bay. Keyword was fuzzy footprint rug. Don't know what colors are available.

  9. Anonymous2/10/2010

    I have two. They are from the late 60s or very early 70s.

    Anyone know what they are worth? You might see me some day on the Antiques Road Show!

  10. Anonymous12/27/2012

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  11. Anonymous8/13/2023

    I had a pink one as a kid. I want one now but where to find one?