Monday, February 06, 2006

John Barrymore

Heres one of the more unique slabs of concrete in the Grauman's forecourt for one reason: it has an imprint of John Barrymore's FACE!

Legendary actor John Barrymore left his mark in the cement on September 5, 1940. The actor, who was known for his profile reluctantly agreed to have his face pressed into the cement... and hold it there... and hold it there. See, it takes a couple of minutes for the cement to set and few things are more uncomfortable than lying face down in cement. Of course it may have cheered Mr. Barrymore up to know some of those more uncomfortable things:

1. Having your fingernails ripped out like in that movie Syriana.
2. Getting electrocuted in a pool, as that kid was in Syriana.
3. Having to watch Syriana.

Anyway, the uncomfortable moment left a great imprint in the cement that remains today 65 years later.


  1. FYI, John was Drew's grandfather.

  2. I love it! I wish that Reese Witherspoon would stick her chin in it.

  3. Van Dammit2/06/2006

    Hey! Did you ever notice Jeff Daniels CHIN??? Freaky!

  4. You know I had no idea what you were talking about, Van, until I looked at a photo of him. It is pretty huge: