Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Taco Bell Breakfast Menu

What in the world is better than an Egg McMuffin? Nothing, not even world peace, can bring about the satisfaction that this simple product can.

The Egg McMuffin has made it possible for people to eat fast food for THREE MEALS EVRY DAY.

I bet Ronald McDonald got a Nobel Prize for it.

Since the McMuffin debuted in 1974 there have been many other restaurants that attempted to create their own version.

Note: I have no idea when the McMuffin debuted, I just made that date up. For all I know Popeye's Chicken may have created the first fast food breakfast sandwich. This site is notoriously inaccurate and my grammar sucks. Accept it and move on.

Anyway, once upon a time Taco Bell had a breakfast menu. In fact, I understand that the menu still exists in some areas of the country. I just have not been there.
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The Taco Bell breakfast slogan was:


*enchiladas not served for breakfast.

The menu basically consisted of breakfast burritos and cinnamon rolls. It was pretty good, but just didn't take off.

Perhaps they SHOULD have served enchiladas.

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