Friday, January 13, 2006

Glow in the Dark Pigs

It's a dream come true. Scientists in Taiwan have found a solution to the problem that has plagued mankind for centuries. Let me lay out the scenario for ya:

It's three A.M. you get up to eat a snack of pork rinds, ham and bacon. As you enter the kitchen you go to turn the light on and the switch breaks off in your hand.

Alone in the dark you wonder "how can I eat this porcine platter with no illumination?"


Many, I'm willing to bet. In the past we have been forced to open the fridge and sit basking in the glare of the small bulb inside the fridge as we gorged on pork.


Scientists in Taiwan have bred pigs that "glow in the dark".

And they aren't the only ones. Other researchers have bred partly fluorescent pigs, but THESE porkers truly glow in the dark.

The pigs were made "Dr. Moreau" style by combining the DNA of a jelly fish with a pig. I can only imagine what the pigs thought.

PIG ONE: Whoa! I don't know what they put in the feed around here but you are totally glowing.
PIG TWO: Back off Brokeback Babe: Pig in the City! I'm straight.
PIG ONE: You are so vain, you know not everyone here wants to sleep with you.
PIG TWO: Yeah, but you do. Right?

Anyway, the researchers hope glowing pigs will help stem cell research, and the study of human disease.

The scientists say that the glowing pigs are green throughout. Everything including their internal organs are green tinged.

Take a look at this photo:
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I think that's what the pigs look like. Or maybe Paris Hilton made some real freaky video I didn't know about.


  1. BTW, the BBC reporter that broke the news was Chris Hogg. Get it! Wow! When I read his name I laughed and laughed.
    Chris is such a stupid name.

  2. Anonymous1/13/2006

    Glow in the dark pig, huh? That is a tricky task but creating a movie from a book is also tricky task. People who have read the book will most likely have their own version of what they think each character should look like in their head. Therefore, it can be quite traumatising to watch such a movie if it does not meet the reader's interpretation, agree?

    "Always watch the movie before you read the book"..... Which is exactly why I haven’t cracked open the Da Vinci Code, yet. I didn’t touch the Bible until Mel Gibson did that whole Passion thing. I would hate to let my imagination do any work.

    I was fortunate enough to see this before reading the book as a child and it quickly became one of my favourites. I watched the trials and tribulations of the mother/son relatioship of he and Charlotte in awe. The kid's movie is basically about friendship, a nice simplistic theme which matches it's target audiences expectations, yet it still had something about it which felt more grown up.

    I have never seen the TV show and after watching the film, I'm not going to start any time soon. The movie was just not funny. I like stupid comedies but this one didn't offer many laughs. It was a pretty dull picture with the first hour being really hard to sit through. The second part was a little better but this film is defiantly a missed opportunity. The characters aren't very interesting and the actors portraying them didn't do a very good job either.

    The acting wasn't very good. I wasn't expecting it to be good in the first place but none of the leads were very funny. They have been funny in the past nut here they seem to be trying too hard. They both give below average performances.

    Years went past and I recently got a copy of the movie which I loved as a child. Watching it for the first time in ages I actually understood more that I probably ignored then, and I cried at the end. Now, call me corny and stupid all you like, but remember, there's a moral here.

    This whole is also often very funny, very human, even if animals are the stars. It's an absolute must see for all animal lovers, of any age. And if you think it's too dark, well grow up. That's life. Plus, how dark can it be if the pig glow?

  3. Anonymous1/13/2006

    Hold it! I don't believe this story for one minute.

    "It's three A.M. you get up to eat a snack of pork rinds, ham and bacon. As you enter the kitchen you go to turn the light on and the switch breaks off in your hand."

    If you didn't turn the light on how did you prepare all that food? Are we to believe you have some sort of robot maid whose sole purpose is to pile plates with pork?

  4. Anonymous1/13/2006

    Sweetie - Droping in links right into the articles - are you trying to bait me? I wasn't going ot touch this one at all but the reviews were just too good!

  5. Thats all I do here. I set 'em up, you guys hit 'em outta the park.

  6. Cravipat, I refuse to believe you don't have a plate of leftover pork rinds, ham and bacon in your fridge.

    However, I am down with the idea of a robot maid as long as she glows in the dark.

    Or, is Rosie from the Jetsons.

  7. Anonymous1/16/2006

    Oh, in the fridge. I though you meant just laying around on the counter where it can spoil or be eaten by passing bears.

  8. Anonymous1/22/2006

    Bears wandering through the kitchen is my number one fear.