Thursday, December 29, 2005

Coloring Book: Happy New Year

Here the New Year's Baby meets the Old Year's Old Guy.

This is an illustration of the second that they both share on the planet. Then the old guy dies.

Of course this coloring book page is from 2002 so they're BOTH dead NOW.

I bet the old guy is like most old people. I bet he just keeps telling the baby that everything was "better in my day."

The baby probably just sits around and drools.

I remember 2002.

He was a little stupid.


  1. Justin Guarini12/30/2005

    I wish it was 2002. Man, oh man, do I wish it was 2002.

  2. I imagine old man 2001 and baby 2002 battling it out in the last seconds of the year. 2001 standing there with a scythe saying "It ends here baby new year" and 2002 pleading "Bu' why?"

    Hmm, I think I may have a possible holiday special here.