Thursday, December 15, 2005

Einstein's tongue

Albert Einstein stuck his tongue out at someone at some point. I know this because every nerd has a photo of it on his wall.

But why? Why did Einstein stick his tongue out?

The answer is pretty simple. He didn't want his picture taken.

The photo came about in 1951 on the occasion of Einstein’s 72nd birthday. The press was on hand snapping photos of Einstein. Even after he got into the car they were still hounding him. So he stuck his tongue out at the paparazzi.

This act of defiance has become the definitive photo of Einstein.

Plus, this means that he cleared the way for future paparazzi haters like Sean Penn.

He was the Rosa Parks to Sean Penn's Al Sharpton.

It is difficult to understand the significance of Einstein’s work today so I say this:

Necessity is the mother of INVENTION. Einstein was the father of INVENTION.

Einstein was married twice (to Elsa Lowenthal and Mileva Maric) but never to anyone named Necessity.

Thus, Invention is a bastard child.