Friday, January 07, 2005

The Greatest Sandwich Ever Made

Quiznos is not known for the quality of their commercials.

The sub chain once had a bunch of bizarre sponge monkey creatures in their ads that left consumers more confused than hungry.

Still, they serve top notch meats and cheeses on well toasted breads and they have been expanded rapidly over the past few years.

I had never been to a Quiznos until I saw the commercial for their Steak House Beef Dip.

The ad showed a giant roast beef sandwich being dipped into a container of ‘pan roasted au jus.’

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t speak Spanish, and so ‘au jus’ looked like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me. But it looked so good in the commercial.

So, I grabbed my keys and jumped in my car with one mission: TO FIND AU JUS!

Oh, and I had some things to pick up at the dry cleaners.

That was four months ago. When I tried the sandwich then, I was convinced it was the best sandwich I had ever tasted. Still, first bites can be deceiving.
I thought the McBLT, Friendly’s Kickin' Buffalo Chicken sandwich, Jack in the Box’s Breakfast Jack and Taco Bell’s Chili Cheese Burrito were the greatest sandwiches I had ever tasted- AND THEY WEREN’T ALL SANDWHICHES.

They say the passage of time brings knowledge and experience. (Frankly, I don’t know that anyone actually said that before, but there are pretty good odds that I am not the first.) Now I had enough Steak House Beef Dips to know it IS the greatest sandwich ever made.

The sandwich comes on a toasted roll and features a very generous helping of beef and Swiss cheese. It also comes with French onion sauce, but I always ask them to hold the sauce because I feel it clashes with the au jus.

Speaking of which, I found out au jus is French for 'with broth.'

This means that when they say they are giving you a sandwich with au jus, it's like they are saying 'a sandwich with with broth.

Redundant or not, this stuff is AWESOME. You are supposed to dip the sandwich in the au jus making it moist and tasty (like a donut that has been left in the bathtub too long.)

I don’t know why, but I love this stuff. I finish dipping my sandwich and then I dip my chips and my chocolate chip cookie in the au jus. Heck I would bathe in this stuff if my bathtub wasn’t already full of donuts.
The Steak House Beef Dip was originally scheduled to be just a promotional item available only from Sept. 6 through Oct. 17 2004. However, the sandwich was so popular that they decided to make it part of their regular menu.

Trey Hall, a spokesman for Quiznos said "The Steakhouse Beef Dip Sub was the most successful menu item introduction in our history."

Some think he was talking about the history of Quiznos, but I’d like to think he is talking about the history of mankind.

So, have you tried the Beef Dip?


  1. Anonymous1/07/2005

    All hail the beef dip!

    I'm not kidding, start hailing. 

    Posted by Mr. Beefy

  2. Anonymous1/07/2005

    I went to a Quiznos once, and some moron tried to bite me.  

    Posted by Guy who looks like a Sandwhich

  3. Anonymous1/07/2005

    I haven't tried this, because it has way too much beef for me. I love the Teryaki (sp) chicken sandwich they have there. 

    Posted by Miss Sarah

  4. Anonymous1/07/2005

    I actually tried this sandwich and it was incredible. I wouldn't say the greatest ever, but it is great. 

    Posted by The Hot Chick

  5. Anonymous1/07/2005

    I actually tried one of these and i did not like it! I must be in the minority.

    funny site. 

    Posted by Pac Man Fever

  6. Anonymous1/07/2005

    I rememeber back in 59 I was at the plate ready to hit one over the fence, but I had a hunger in my belly that could not be tamed. I wish I had one of those sandwiches that day.

    Oh yeah, I also wish I was still alive. 

    Posted by Micky Mantle

  7. Anonymous1/07/2005

    Hey Mick,
    I wish you were alive as well, then we could kick back and enjoy some au jus.

    Then we could toilet paper Roger Maris' grave. 

    Posted by Sweetie Guy Hutchinson

  8. Anonymous1/07/2005

    Those spongmonkey commercials are what drove me to eat at Quiznos. I was very disappointed there were no signs of them in the actual store.

    I’d also agree that the steakhouse beef dip is the greatest sub ever. My only complaint is the au jus container. They used to use a styrofoam lid that fit the styrofoam container so perfectly that you couldn’t see how to get them apart. I eventually resorted to cutting a hole in the top. Did you know styrofoam isn’t as tasty as it looks?

    Posted by Jason

  9. Anonymous1/07/2005

    My problem with the au jus was that they never gave me enough. I always had to go back for more. 

    Posted by racoon jack

  10. Anonymous1/07/2005

    I remember when I was shopping for a new yacht in Fresno when I needed to stop for a sandwich. I thought that Quiznos was a French boutique so I stopped in.
    To my surprise the sandwich was great! 

    Posted by Ascot Sammie

  11. Anonymous1/07/2005

    I ate 12 of these a day. I am out of control. HELP! 

    Posted by butterbean

  12. Anonymous1/07/2005

    Great site. Glad I came by. 

    Posted by Amber