Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mexican Movie Posters

Guitarras Lloren Guitarras: Three guitars, the dudes and one lady with plants growing on her skirt.

La Bestia Magnifica: Hey! It's a wrestling movie! Plus there is a lady in a shiny dress.

 El Quelite: Wow! Lady is in her sexy undergarments and there are dozens of legs popping out of the ground. For some reason the dude with the beard and the dude in the sombrero don't look impressed.

Como 2 Gotas De Agua: Twins with a ladder and two tear drops IN EASTMAN COLOR! Count me in!

 Rosa La Tequilera: A puppet is puppeteer-ing people! Plus a clown!

Tres Palomas Alborotadas: Angels! Bird men! Bird nun! A human carrot!

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