Friday, November 30, 2012

Papadapolis Jersey

I have lots of sports jerseys in my closet. I buy them whenever I am on vacation in an area I haven't been in. I have many for players that have long been retired or traded and I have jerseys for teams I hate.

Despite the occasional empty threat from some goofball they are fun to wear. I constantly get high fives and thumbs up from strangers who are really into the Anaheim Amigos or the Seattle Pilots.

Still, I have never got a "custom jersey". You know, like a jersey that you pay to get your own name on.

It always seemed silly to me. I never played. Why should my name be on there... but on the other hand, why should I wear some other dude's name.

Luckily, there was a football player named Chad Hutchinson. I bought his jersey on eBay once. People assume it's custom.

However, the other night as I watched an episode of Webster I saw a jersey I might enjoy rockin:

How sweet would it be to have a custom George Papadopolis jersey?

Pretty sweet!

I can get one here:
It would cost $300. 

Well, it wouldn't be $300 sweet. I'll stick with explaining who Chad Hutchinson was.


  1. I could have gone for a Hutchinson jersey an hour ago when I was trying to remember your name so I could find your site because I forgot what it was called.

    I wanted to find out what happened to your fantastic line-up of commentators, so I searched for Gene Hackman and I found this: , and that was enough for me.

  2. Haha! Thats awesome! Thanks for reading!