Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Muppet Magazine

I used to love this magazine. I had a subscription in the 1980s and I would stare at the pages for (what seemed like) hours, taking in every silly detail.

 Mr. T meets Animal? Perfect!
 Fozzie meets The Fonz? Eh, that doesn't make much sense.

One of the things I didn't like about the magazine was that they often did parodies of fine artwork:
I didn't get it. I was a kid. Why would I understand this? If I knew fine art I wouldn't be reading a magazine full of puppets.

But a "spring cleaning" photo that features John Ritter and Gonzo ACTUALLY cleaning springs? BRILLIANT!

The interviews often read like a story with the credit "as told to".
 Sweetums visited Drew Barrymore because he had "a crush on her". Makes sense.

Punky Brewster stopped by to make sure Kermit dressed like a goof.

There were also some crazy cartoons, like this one where Sam Eagle is a politician and Kermit is Matthew Broderick in War Games:

The ads are always fun, too. Check out this one where an army of giant chipmunks lord over smaller chipmunks:

Where else would you learn that Weird Al had declared the accordion "the Official Instrument of the 1984 Olympics"?