Friday, October 16, 2009

My Disney Cruise: Day 3

As we creep into Thanksgiving, I am really feeling silly that I haven't finished my report on my Disney Cruise from this summer.

It's not laziness that has keeping me from finishing this... it's really the fact that there isn't anything to joke about in it.

So don't really expect to be amused as I present:

DAY 3:
We docked at Castaway Cay which is Disney's private island. I wrote about day 1 and 2 so long ago that I don't even remember what happened then. But I do remember day 3.

The island was awesome. Really well done. Chip and Dale were there:

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They are normally naked, but when they go to the beach they put on 1920s era swimsuits.


Also just off the coast is the Flying Dutchman ship from Pirates of the Caribbean:

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I thought that was pretty cool.
On the island they had hermit crab races. Basically they would draw a circle on the ground, toss in some crabs and then watch them wander out of the circle.

They don't like it if you eat the winning crab, I found out.

Stitch served as a DJ on the island. He also claimed to be dating Lyndsay Lohan (is that funny? I can't really tell at this point.)

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Here is a photo:

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This happened too.

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Here is a picture of Mitchell Musso rockin' my socks off during a deck party.

Seriously, if I go see him again I won't wear any socks. (NOTE- replace with funny joke before publishing)
He plays Hanna Montana's brother, BTW.

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Turn down service always included a towel animal in your room:

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I stayed at a Red Roof Inn once and found an actual animal in my towel. I don't find these things as cute since then.

That night was Pirate night.

I wore my Pirates' hat:

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That is probably the best I can do for humor here. I hope you loved it.

DAY 4 coming... soon? Probably not.

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